American Spine Institute


Treatment cost

Considering economic situation in Armenia our service cost is much lower than what similar clinics charge in other countries. Not only we guarantee advanced professional medical care in a pleasant, stress free environment but we also guarantee one of the lowest cost to service ratio in the region.

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

This treatment involves applying forces to elongate the spine without causing the muscles that guard the spine to contract. The technology required to apply spinal decompressive forces is very advanced.

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Our stations are equipped with new and advanced medical technologies primarily from USA. This allows us to treat not only diseases of the spine but also many arthritic diseases of upper and lower extremities. Our equipment is safe and approved by FDA of USA.

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Restoration of Spinal Integrity (Functional Rehabilitation)

Due to segmental dysfunction (vertebral subluxation) multivectoral movement of the vertebrae is compromised, limiting normal range of motion of the spine. Usually it is due to pain and subsequent muscle spasm. We perform mobilization using various manual therapy, myofascial release techniques and kynesiotherapy. Automated flexion/distraction, flexion/extension, facet release and pneumatic drop tables are used to release tension and contractures.

Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy or photobiomodulation, is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects. These effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

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Dry hydro massage system- Spacapsule, is a unique blend of modern technologies and ancient healing methods. Massage, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy and audio-visual stimulation combine to provide unparalleled relaxation. Spacapsule was created by doctors and uses Pulse-jet technology. It has multiple therapuetic effects; releaves muscle spasm and pain, also increases blood circulation. World best spas utilize spacapsule for weight loss, stress relief and anti-cellulite treatments.


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21, Israyelyan str., Yerevan (by the church of St.Sargis) Armenia

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